MCFI - WEST ALLIS CAMPUS Behavioral Health Technician I CRC in WEST ALLIS, Wisconsin

JOB REQUIREMENTS: This is a technical position that involves the direct care of adults with severe and persistent mental illness. This position helps provide a homelike environment, which enables residents to learn and develop daily living skills as well as socialization and leisure skills. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Assists consumers in learning independent living skills, which are defined in the resident's Individual Service Plan. (i.e. laundry, housekeeping, cooking, time and money management.). As well as encouraging management of symptoms through support services and education. Participates in ensuring that nutritious community meals are planned, prepared and served within the home, involving training residents in food preparation serving and storage. Monitors consumer medication adherence as directed by their physician. Reports to Residential Coordinator, WHCG RN, or physician any changes in client behavior and functioning. Ensures that residents maintain acceptable standards of personal hygiene. Ensures that resident's leave for their day program, job or school appropriately groomed. Facilitate transportation as necessary. Ensures that the house is clean at all times and complies with DHS 83 CBRF regulations. Ensures that all physical repairs are reported to the Property Management Department. Performs room, water, temperature or any other daily weekly monitoring that is assigned by the Program Coordinator including labeling and putting away the weekly grocery order. Practices emergency evacuation procedures and performs fire alarm system checks with residents and documents these drills. Documents residents' daily behavior and routine in the resident daily log consistent with their Individualized Service Plan goals. Attends and participates in staff meetings, in-service training seminars and conferences as required. Attends required annual CBRF trainings and is able to successfully pass competency testing. Reports for work on time and adheres to WHCG Attendance Policy. Understands and adheres to established policies and procedures and DHS 83 rules. Responsible for adhering to agency policies and procedures while carrying out daily responsibilities. Other job-related duties as may be necessary to carry out the responsibilities of the position. It is the policy of the Milwaukee Center For Independence as an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer to recruit, hire and promote for all job classifications without regard to race, age, creed, color, disability, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, military service membership, use of lawful products, pregnancy or childbirth, genetic testing, honesty testing, ancestry, or arrest or conviction record. To that end, MCFI is committed to providing a work environment that is free from employment discrimination, harassment or improper treatment based on the above characteristics. Esto es la poltica del Centro de Milwaukee Para la Independencia como una Igualdad de Oportunidades / patrn de Accin Afirmativo para reclutar, alquilar y promover para todas las clasificaciones de trabajo sin hacer caso de raza, edad, credo, color, invalidez, estado civil, orientacin sexual, sexual, origen nacional, ingreso de servicio militar, el uso de productos legales, embarazo o parto, pruebas genticas, pruebas de honestidad, ascendencia, o registro de conviccin o detencin. A tal efecto, MCFI es cometido al suministro de un ambiente de trabajo que es libre de discriminacin de empleo, acoso o tratamiento impropio basado en las susodichas caractersticas. ***** OTHER EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: Minimum of 1 years' experience working with adults with severe and persistent mental illness. Must be able to function with minimum supervision. Professional workplace appearance and conduct; friendliness and courtesy to consumers, coworkers and vendors. Effectively communicates and develops good working relationships with co-workers. Reliability in reporting to work r gularly and on time. Must possess good communication, listening, writing and organizational skills. Must complete CBRF training program as outlined by DHS 83 within two weeks of hire. Must be able to use appliances such as stove, microwave, washer/dryer, etc. Must be able to read the label on medicine bottles and understand the directions on the labels. Must be able to clean up bloody/body fluid spills in accordance with OSHA and agency policies. Must be able to evacuate residents in two minutes or less and assist residents in evacuation as dictated by DHS 83. Experience with adults undergoing a psychiatric crisis. Knowledge of community resources available to consumers in the Milwaukee County area. Ability to communicate clearly and concisely in English and Spanish, both orally and in writing is desired. ***** APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Apply Online: