MCFI - SEDA Service Coordinator in MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin

JOB REQUIREMENTS: This is a professional position responsible for service provision to families in the Birth to Three Program. The role of the service coordinator is to coordinate the delivery of all services across agency lines and serve as a point of contact in helping a family with a child experiencing one or more developmental delays, or at risk for developmental delays, obtain the services the child and family need as described in the Individualized Family Service Plan. Essential Job Functions: 1.Serves as core member of Early Intervention team, along with family members and other early intervention personnel, to plan and coordinate initial and ongoing assessments and evaluations of child's development, family concerns, needs and priorities, to plan and implement intervention goals, strategies, and objectives, and to plan transitions. 2.Works with all early intervention staff under a Primary Provider Approach with an emphasis on Coaching as a strategy to promote provision of services that are relationship-based, family centered, collaborative and based on enhancing family strengths to support family functioning which increases each child's opportunities to achieve his/her maximum developmental potential. 3.Coordinates the performance of evaluation and assessments of families with a child involved with the Birth to Three Program. 4.Prepares a social/emotional developmental assessment, when appropriate, of the child within the family context; Provides parenting and family education with parents, family members, and caregivers within routines and also within the family context. 5.Works with problems in a child's and family's living situation, at home, in the community, that affect the child's maximum utilization of early intervention services; and Identifies, mobilizes and coordinates community resources and services to enable the child and family to receive maximum benefit from early intervention services. 6.Assists the family to become oriented to the Birth to Three Program and the services available under that program. 7.Promotes the responsiveness of the program to the needs and preferences of the child and his/her family. 8.Coordinates and oversees the development, review and evaluation of Individualized Family Service Plan and Child Outcomes ratings. 9.Assists families in identifying available service providers. 10.Promotes the participation of the family in all aspects of service provision from the initial contact through service provision and transition-planning and follow-up. 11.Serves as bi-lingual interpreter for early intervention team when working with families whose members are primarily Spanish-speaking. 12.Participates in all team meetings, conferences, both pre- and post-IFSP development. 13.Coordinates and ensures every child has a transition plan documented on the IFSP which may include coordination of Transition Planning Conferences with LEA and/or Transition Meetings with community agencies such as Head Start. 14.Informs families of advocacy services. 15.Coordinates services with medical and health providers. 16.Facilitates transition for the child and family at time of discharge. 17.Assists in program evaluation. 18.Responsible for providing accurate as well as all necessary documentation to Case Records and updating such documentation as needed. It is the policy of the Milwaukee Center For Independence as an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer to recruit, hire and promote for all job classifications without regard to race, age, creed, color, disability, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, military service membership, use of lawful products, pregnancy or childbirth, genetic testing, honesty testing, ancestry, or arrest or conviction record. To that end, MCFI is committed to providing a work environment that is free from employment discrimination, harassment or improper treatment based on the above characteristics. ***** OTHER EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: Eligibilit for service coordinator role under State of Wisconsin DHSS rules and regulations with at least one year of supervised experience working with families with special needs desirable, or otherwise qualified to serve on the early intervention team. Bilingual both oral and written in Spanish language. A cell phone for use by the supervisor, staff and families as indicated. Knowledge of and experience in infant/toddler growth and development. Ability to work closely with parents to help them enhance the skills of nurturing, providing a stimulating environment for their child, and fostering self-esteem in their child. Ability to work with both parents and young children to enhance the parent/child relationship. Knowledge of community resources and an understanding of how to access those resources. Ability to be flexible, non-judgmental, and to work with a wide variety of personalities. Knowledge and/or ability to learn appropriate federal and state laws, regulations and procedures regarding child, family and environmental assessment instruments, record keeping, data collection and reporting. Ability to work effectively as a team member as well as independently with minimal supervision Knowledge of federal and state laws (DHS-90), regulations and procedures regarding child, family and environmental assessme ***** APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Apply Online: