LIFEPOINT HEALTH Clinic RN Waterloo Clinic in WATERTOWN, Wisconsin

JOB REQUIREMENTS: The Clinic RN is a clinic team member that isresponsible for helping to meet the needs of clinic patients by providing a variety of direct andindirect patient care services. These services include CareManagement,Triage,Population Management, and the provision of protocol drivendirect patient care under direct physician supervision. This position will implement and evaluatepatient care as directed by clinic providers, and provide a coordinatedapproach throughout the continuum of care. The Clinic RN will help to reduce thefragmentation of patient care, which is too often experienced by patients whoobtain health care services from multiple providers. The Clinic RN positioncarries out these responsibilities as a team member with the guidance ofaccepted nursing and department practices. This position provides the knowledgeand skills to meet physician, patient, staff, and/or hospital needs andperforms in accordance with hospital standards and policies. The Clinic RNposition will not be used to fill in or substitute for duties normallyperformed by the Clinical Support position This position is supervised by theRN Clinic Resource Specialist to ensure clinical competence, and the ClinicCoordinator for day to day administrative requirements. LifePoint Health, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. EOE Minorities/Females/Protected Veterans/Disabled ***** OTHER EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: Effectivecommunication and interpersonal skills and behaviors. Ability todemonstrate responsibility and accountability according to legal, ethical,professional, educational, and personal development goals. Knowledge ofhealthcare delivery systems and its impact on clinical practice. Knowledge ofsafety and infection control procedures. Ability toprovide, manage, integrates, and coordinates health prevention, protection,illness prevention, restoration, rehabilitation, and palliative care forpatients. . ***** APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Apply Online: