GUNDERSEN LUTHERAN ADMINISTRATIVE Director of Environmental Services in HILLSBORO, Wisconsin

JOB REQUIREMENTS: 1.Provides day to day supervision of the environmental services staff. Must be willing to work day or night shift as needed to interact with staff. Ensures that our facility is clean and welcoming for our patients and visitors and that infection control standards are met. 2.Responsible for aesthetics throughout organization. Identifies areas that need cleaning or updating and makes Administration aware of them. Does regular walk thrus of all facilities to identify issues with aesthetics, cleanliness, repairs needs, etc. Ensures that these items are remedied or communicated appropriately to have them taken care of. 3.Conducts regular infection control audits throughout the facility to ensure that facilities are meeting cleanliness standards. Equal Opportunity Employer EEO/AA/Veterans/Disabilities ***** OTHER EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: 2 years of experience in commercial cleaning required or equivalent experience. ***** APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Apply Online: